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Piece of Paradise

Alex, a young content creator, ran away from her childhood home at a young age because of her abusive father. Years later, Alex's channel blows up after one of her friends, Chase, overshares details of her past to an online audience. Now that her original audience is seen as obsolete by some, she must decide whether to cater to the new audience for fame or stay true to herself by continuing to do what she loves.

Director Biography - Will Hoxie               

Will Hoxie started filmmaking in High School and since then has helped make 19 worked films in total, one of those films being an upcoming feature-length horror film that he is both editing and coloring. Will is interested in working on stories that promote new ways of thinking and or teach a valuable lesson about life and humanity through storytelling.

Piece of Paradise directed by Will Hoxie:

Broken People

Jake stares at a blank computer screen, waiting for inspiration to strike so he can finally start writing his novel. The tension of a recent medical appointment eats away at him as he waits for test results that likely won't come until tomorrow. Meanwhile, in another part of town, Brett gets into yet another fight with her hot-headed boyfriend. Nothing ever seems to be good enough for him, but her family trauma keeps her from leaving him for good.

They both go to the small town's only bar in hopes of forgetting about their lives for a little bit, and they immediately recognize each other's need for temporary amnesia. They decide to spend the night together, drowning their sorrows in a bottle of whiskey and remembering what it feels like to just have fun.

These two tragic lives cross paths for one brief, beautiful moment. Eventually, every dreamy night ends and real life wakes you up in the morning, but every once in a while, a dream will stick with you.

Director Biography - Travis Ketzak.     

Travis was born in Binghamton, NY and grew up in a small town nearby. His first film was a Jurassic Park fanfilm that he made with his friends in the backyard as a little boy, with his mother shooting on a VHS camcorder.

After moving to Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Travis self-published a few novels and worked as a freelance writer for a while before eventually producing his first short film during the 2020 pandemic.

When he was ready to move on to feature films, he tried his hand at pitching screenplays. After a while, though, he decided to just make his own movies, rather than wait for someone else to make them for him. His first feature, An American Thief (2022), screened virtually at a few local NYC festivals, received a few awards, and then premiered on YouTube. Since then, he's made Chasing Sunset (2022), an experimental romance, and Broken People (2023), a romantic drama that he shot in his hometown.

Broken People directed by Travis Ketzak:

Caiaphas (screenplay)

The High Priest of Jerusalem performs a test on a young man who claims to be the Messiah.

Writer Biography - Thomas McCone, Lucas McCone. 

After studying history, philosophy and science for several years and being an avid debater, Thomas, alongside his identical twin brother, decided to turn his thoughts to screenwriting as a way to creatively express his discussions and opinions.

SAD-MAN (play)

A diabolical super-villain in Casper, Wyoming discovers that his arch-nemesis is depressed, and plots to set him up on a date with a reporter from the newspaper, much to the chagrin of his slimy henchman.

Writer Biography - Connor Lawless  

Connor is a screenwriter based in Savannah, Georgia. He is currently enrolled at the Savannah College of Art and Design as a dramatic writing major with a minor in film & television production. He strives to tell stories that pair real human drama with outrageous characters and premises.

Original Wish

Director - xinyu Guo. 


Director - zhixuan jin  

Congratulations to our festival finalists:

Lawrence Cheney, Director, “Luxury Times”, Feature Film

Lonnie Tillman, Writer, “Tomorrow will Go”, Feature Screenplay

Bezan Cholder, Director, “Rotted”, Short Film

Wally Kilter, Writer, “Look Again”, Short Screenplay