“George Floyd: Say Their Names”

When will the "last" time be the LAST time? Chris Oledude's single "George Floyd" has now been re-presented in the powerful video, "George Floyd: Say Their Names." America's struggle for equality and fairness throughout law enforcement parallels those struggles faced by minority groups in every society where the majority feels empowered to disregard civil and human rights. The powerful protests that erupted worldwide after George Floyd's murder in May, 2020, are celebrated here. The enduring power of Black women as determined healers of a torn community is celebrated here. The victims had names. We honor their lives by saying their names. The pressure for change must continue. No justice? No peace!

Directors - Christopher R. Owens, Alyssa Dann

“Fornicakes” - Series

A virginal master-baker and a self-proclaimed sex goddess team up to open an erotic bakery, only to have their social-climbing arch-nemesis declare a turf war. Fornicakes is a contemporary web series in the style of Friends meets 2 Broke Girls. At its heart, it is the story of how women, no matter their differences, always have each other’s backs.

The Fornicakes bakery is located in middle America suburbia, where old fashioned ideals are still cool, and the Morality Board regulates town standards. With its divinely decorated erotic-shaped baked goods, Fornicakes is frequently in conflict with the Morality Board’s mores. Proximity breeds drama and contempt with the Coffee Shop next door and the Muffin Factory across the street.

Series Overview: Neurotic, virginal Jolene and sex-starved Lisa work to dig themselves out of poverty by opening Fornicakes - an erotic bakery where Jolene bakes edible genitalia while recently-divorced Lisa plots to steal her ex-husband Trevor back from their hated former high school rival Blanche. For Jolene and Lisa, it’s not just about pride. It’s about survival. Luckily, they have Daniel, the barista extraordinaire, who runs the coffee shop next door to Fornicakes.

Director - Steve Becker

“Daddy Diaper Diaries” (Webisode Pilot)

A goofy stay-at-home American dad has his hands full with a newborn, a Russian wife, an unsympathetic neighbor, and the imminent visitation of his mother-in-law from Moscow.

Director - Edy Soto

“Daddy Diaper Diaries: Red Sky” (Webisode 2)

Ger gets a surprise when one Russian mother-in-law leaves only to receive another one who has special needs! The distractions interfere with The Voice in his head telling him to become a Crime Story Novelist. Baby Mel, no longer a baby, prays she gets lots of siblings.

Director - Katrina Nelson

Screenwriters :

“The Wrong Interview”

In order for the interviewees to secure the job they must fatally eliminate one another.

Writer - Thapelo Moima

  • Project Type:Student, Short Script
  • Country of Origin:South Africa
  • Language:English
  • First-time Screenwriter:No
  • Student Project:Yes - Pas Media Academy

“A Case for Space”

An aging astronaut makes a last-bid attempt to get into outerspace. 

Writer - Marian Lowery

  • Project Type:Feature Script
  • Country of Origin:Canada
  • Language:English
  • First-time Screenwriter:No

“A Dream At Last”

Veronica must overcome her fears around self-isolation and step back into society.

Writer - Juan Ortiz

  • Project Type:Feature Script
  • Country of Origin:Mexico
  • Language:English
  • First-time Screenwriter:Yes


A grief-stricken man must take action to avenge his lover’s death.
Writer - Marcus Schnabel

  • Project Type:Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:Sci-Fi
  • Number of Pages:30
  • Country of Origin:United States
  • Language:English