“Poetry of Leaves”

Pranav wants to get out of his house to meet Suzanne but realizes his door is locked and somehow he cannot open it. The film is about the protagonist's emotional lockdown within and the alienation it leads to. The film is based on Ikebana, the Japanese art of floral arrangement and renowned musician Leonard Cohen's song 'Suzanne'. Poetry of Leaves explores Pranav's frantic mind and his desperate attempt to stay desirable in a relation and life. Pranav is caught up between his own life Kriti and his fantasy Suzanne, trying to escape from the conflict without really knowing what the real lock is.

Director - Syam Sankaran

Syam Sankaran is an independent filmmaker and explores themes such as loneliness, alienation and displacement within.



Following the loss of her best friend, a woman is faced with saving her kidnapped boyfriend from the same man that killed her best friend.

Director - DeVante C Grace

“Pandemic Spaceship”

In 2020, the world shrank. Mundanity proliferated. Music was displaced by the sounds of everyday environments. Gazes fixed upon immediate surroundings. Fantastic voyages ceased. Expect for those of the Pandemic Spaceship.

Director - Nicole Marchesseau

Nicole Marchesseau’s interests includes liminality, Surrealism, and aesthetics. Her films include Adrian’s Apartment and Under the Skin: A Swarm of Bees (collaboration with Gabrielle Gillespie; recipient of the 4Talent Award for Innovation at the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival; Rendezvous with Madness, Terrace, British Colombia). Her publications include “Hmmronk, Skrrrrape, Schttttokkke: Automatism in Music?” in the Italian journal Gli Spazi Della Musica (2018); “Red, White, and Grey: Un-defining Popular Music in Canada” in The Spaces and Places of Canadian Popular Culture (Canadian Scholars Press, 2019); and “Jandek’s Inert Unveiling” in the anthology Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Ashgate, 2013). Nicole has performed at the piano with Jandek and Jesse Stewart, as well as with musicians and artists involved in Toronto’s Creative Music scene. She is honoured to have played in a performance of “In a Large Open Space,” a piece by her late mentor Jim Tenney at the Telus Centre for the Performing Arts as part of Nuit Blanche in 2009.


Simulacrum is a story of an old, rich, and evil man who is employing his house servants to kidnap people off the streets to experiment on and live forever.

Director - Ryan Barker

“The Switch”

A man(Patrick) loses everything and is forced to self reflect in order to get better.

Director - Aiden Gilbert

Screenwriters :

Rachel Bartel
“Candace and the H.S.B.L.S. Task Force”
Candace discovers that a secret task force has deemed her one of the biggest slobs in the universe when she meets the person assigned to clean up her messes: James. She is furious. She demands to speak to James' supervisor. He agrees, but secretly decides to take her far away from the Supervisor, knowing that only danger could await her. The Supervisor finds them and captures them. She recruits Candace into the Task Force, against Candace's wishes.

  • Project Type:Student, Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:Sci-Fi
  • Number of Pages:18
  • Country of Origin:United States
  • Language:English

Rob Byrnes
“A Gift of Wonderment”

A Gift of Wonderment is a historical fantasy set in 1869 New York City surrounding Kristopher Noel, an overgenerous toymaker, who commits to donating playthings to the orphans at The New York Foundling Asylum. Complications snowball when the greedy Archbishop forbids the new progressive Head Nun from accepting the donation.

  • Project Type:Student, Screenplay
  • Genres:Suspense Thriller
  • Number of Pages:82
  • Country of Origin:United States
  • Language:English

Cristian Xavier
“ASK: American Serial Killer”

A copy cat killer turns himself in but will only confess to a true crime writer in hopes of making a name for himself.

  • Project Type:Student, Screenplay
  • Genres:Suspense Thriller
  • Number of Pages:82
  • Country of Origin:United States
  • Language:English