Hemantkumar Mahale, “Kaali Maati”, feature film


Roberto Marrero, “Insanity”, short screenplay

Traumatized by serious marital problems and chronic alcoholism, a psychopath becomes a serial killer, uselessly trying to justify his crimes.

Alan David Pritchard, “Red-Handed”, short screenplay

Four boys sneak into the storage area where the exam papers are filed, but one boy betrays the others and locks them in. The three incarcerated boys must face their own demons as well as their problems with each other.


Giorge Souladze, “Shalloween”

Michael Fantauzzi, “Apparition in Orvieto”

Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson, “Gimme Shelter Part Three”, feature screenplay

This is a love, sex and action story. Officer Jack Bordowski is a Viet Nam Veteran who battles to reintegrate with society. When things get tough he turns to his wife Mary’s arms for comfort. Facing crime on the streets of New York and a lot of family disasters, this man needs a lot of shelter. This script contains descriptive sex and violence.
Agent: David Richards, Access Media / daverichards@dcliteraryfirm.org